Friday, August 17, 2007

Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow is blues rock at its very best. This self titled debut album by the band released earlier this year was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and is one of the best albums to hit the shelves all year. Hendrix’s body may be rotting six feet under, but his soul lives on through Radio Moscow front man and multi instrumentalist Parker Griggs, who plays every instrument on the album except for bass (played by Luke Duff) and slide guitar on “Deep Blue Sea” which is played by Dan Auerbach.

The band wastes no time getting right into it, the first track “Introduction” sets the pace for the whole album. Parker shows off his guitar skills with a wailing guitar solo that lasts the entire track. The song seamlessly moves into the next with a grooving bass line. Vocals appear for the first time on this track, and they are what you would expect from a blues rock band. The solo on “Frustrating Sound” is broken into two parts and separated by a bass breakdown which highlights the importance of the bass in the band as there is no rhythm guitar to fill the gaps. “Luckydutch” begins with a lo-fi drum intro reminiscent of something off a Black Keys album and then moves into something that the White Stripes wish they could pull off. Songs like “Lickskillet” and “Deep Blue Sea” showcase the slower side of the blues, with acoustic and slide guitar and Parker’s vocals really shine through on these tracks. Album closer “Fuse” is a fantastic finale, a face melting jam that blasts through your speakers.

Radio Moscow combine the blues rock riffs of Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn with a Sabbath mentality. It’s a combination that rocks and if this album is any indication there is more great material to come from this band.

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